EARSLAUGHTER: Turn the Screws: 7”

Nov 02, 2010

Sometimes you just can’t come up with anything for a review. I was a bit dumbfounded by this release. Had to give this one a few listens more than usual. I even asked a friend who sings for War Trash for his opinion. He said, “Reminds me a bit of Civil Disobedience and the kind of simple, straightforward songwriting recalls the early CT/East Coast crust bands like Deformed Conscience.” I not too familiar with the early East Coast crust scene, but I value his knowledge. The only thing that popped into my mind was the Canadian band Germ Attak. Sort of early U.K. with some d-beat. Overall I do like what I hear, but the burnout that I have had lately has made it hard to classify and find a genre to attach it to.

 –don (Earslaughter)