Eargoggles Summer 2010: DVD

Nov 24, 2010

Eargoggles is a video compilation of live performances by multiple bands from different venues around Vancouver. It’s all weaved together by what looks like those editing sweeps that were in between scenes on the beloved 1990s sitcom, Home Improvement.  Lots of rock’n’roll, metal, and punk bands are showcased here, with some standouts being legendary Canadians SNFU, growling death metallers Carnifex, and Propagandhi, who may not be the most charismatic live band on the planet, but are always technically impressive. This DVD also includes a very strange short about a man murdering a guy who keeps raving about a really delicious sandwich he’s eating. I didn’t really understand it, but as someone with an affinity for delicious sandwiches, I give it my stamp of approval nonetheless. –Andy Conway (Eargoggles, Eargogglesdvd.com)