EARACHES, THE: Time on Fire: CD

Mar 14, 2007

This is some ripping garage punk coming out of Seattle. Bands like The Drags and The Hate Bombs come to mind. It’s just a big load of fuzzed-out brain damage that never ceases to let up. One thing I found particularly interesting was the message that the band is trying to get through. In my experience, most of these types of garage bands are all about girls, cars, drinking, and heartbreak. I’m not saying that this stuff isn’t here (it is for the most part), but in the packaging in particular there are slogans such as “Start your own band!” “Participate!” and “This album is dedicated to those who choose action over complacency.” That’s the type of attitude in a band that would have Biscuit Turner smiling down on us. Nice work, gentlemen!

 –ty (Steel Cage)