Nov 02, 2015

This split bridges the Atlantic to bring us two sides of dirty, distorted skate punk. Vancouver’s Jiffy Marker has an old-school snottiness that reminds me of a trashier Blank Pages. Interesting, seeing as Dysnea Boys are the ones who share a hometown (Berlin) with that band. But their track is more raw and aggressive, more of an OFF! kinda thing. Go figure. Also, I’m getting conflicting information on whether the Jiffy Marker side is supposed to be one song called “Party Prison on TittyBeach” or a two-part saga consisting of “Party Prison” and “TittyBeach.” I guess it doesn’t matter; we’re all ending up at the same place anyway. 

 –Indiana Laub (Debt Offensive, debtoffensiverecs.blogspot.com)

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