DYS: More Than Fashion: Live from the Gallery East Reunion: LP/Digital

Sep 16, 2011

Sometimes a band from the 1980s reunites not because one of the band members wants cash to send their kid to private school, but because they love the work they did before so much and draw energy and satisfaction from presenting it to new audiences. How many bands also put their first reunion show out on a record right out of the gate? Not many, my friends. The precision, the tightness, and the ferocity are all here on this recording. You can tell that all of the players are totally charged to be playing this material again. This is thirty-three-plus minutes of immortal hardcore that is meant to be played loud. I have a feeling that this is not just a one-off for this band. I was lucky enough to catch them at two shows after this one and new material was being worked into the setlist. Plus I hear that Franz Stahl (of Scream) has just joined DYS to replace departed guitarist Ross Luongo. Expect greatness.

 –koepenick (Bridge Nine)