DYKE DRAMA: Tender Resignation: 12" EP

Apr 29, 2016

Are you a tender babe who spent hot summer afternoons stretched across the back seat of your mom’s station wagon singing along to The Gin Blossoms years before cutting your teeth on bootleg Discharge CDs? If so, holy fuck, Tender Resignation was made for you. This is the first Dyke Drama release, totally written and performed by Sadie Switchblade, better known for her work as lead chanteuse of Olympia hardcore staple G.L.O.S.S. Tender Resignation has heavy bedroom-diary-come-to-life vibes. It shines in moments of glaring intimacy like the low-fi guitar and vocals anthem “Crying in a Bathroom Stall,” which sounds like it was probably recorded in the middle of the night in her home bathroom. “Hardest Years,” is a reflection on fucked-up adolescence driven by tambourine hits and hearty organ layers. Listening to this, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Kathleen Hannah’s 1997 Julie Ruin process. Switchblade’s songs bridge pop punk and outlaw country aesthetics while keeping underlying feels of both candid reflection and rebellion. Especially recommend this for femme and queer punks processing the trappings of your twenties. The layout of this EP is damn cool, featuring photos of Switchblade that summon ‘60s pop country femme power and punk grit simultaneously. This record gets inside of you and doesn’t let go. –

 –Candace Hansen (Salinas, salinasrecords.com)

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