DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND: “Shark” b/w “Burnin’ Sand”: 7”

This would have been the second single following Dwight Twilley’s decently successful 1975 debut, “I’m on Fire.” The release never happened (apparently due to bureaucratic concern over Jaws-related cheesiness) until HoZac came along to pick up the archival slack. A promo sticker declares Twilley “the missing link between Big Star, T.Rex and Tom Petty,” which, frankly, about sums it up. “Shark” is a power pop tune with the sweetness of a summery Beatles jam, while the B-side takes a bit of a moodier turn. Had this single seen the light of day forty years ago, it might now be a lucky find in a cool uncle’s 45 collection. Today, I am that cool uncle, and I feel better off for it.

 –Indiana Laub (Hozac, [email protected], hozacrecords.com)