DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND: “Shark” b/w “Burnin’ Sand”: 7”

May 20, 2014

This would have been the second single following Dwight Twilley’s decently successful 1975 debut, “I’m on Fire.” The release never happened (apparently due to bureaucratic concern over Jaws-related cheesiness) until HoZac came along to pick up the archival slack. A promo sticker declares Twilley “the missing link between Big Star, T.Rex and Tom Petty,” which, frankly, about sums it up. “Shark” is a power pop tune with the sweetness of a summery Beatles jam, while the B-side takes a bit of a moodier turn. Had this single seen the light of day forty years ago, it might now be a lucky find in a cool uncle’s 45 collection. Today, I am that cool uncle, and I feel better off for it.

 –Indiana Laub (Hozac, [email protected], hozacrecords.com)