DWELLING PORTABLY, Collection #5: 5 ½” x 8”, photocopied, 56 pgs.

Apr 27, 2012

This zine has been around forever. Its main purpose is to disseminate information about how to live off the grid. It’s been given a good deal of respect over the years, however, I have many issues with this zine. Nothing in here is organized in a way that’s the least bit accessible. There’s no table of contents or index. There aren’t any illustrations or ways to make it more digestible, more of a resource. So much of what is contained in here is difficult to follow and potentially harmful. It’s disappointing that when DP has something useful to talk about, like temporary shelter building, it’s just chucked in here with stuff about how you can think away tooth decay. What kind of regressive fetishism of the archaic is this? That’s what really gets me. Before I go, though, I want to pass on some tips that I learned from reading this: 1.”Tooth removal is safer than root canals, according to a root-canal pioneer who later changed his mind... Meanwhile, if you lose any teeth buy a food grinder.” 2. “Saliva is a bodily fluid. Bare-faced mouth-to-mouth kissing may not transmit HIV very often but it sure can transmit flu. (Bert and I tried mouth-to-mouth kissing through two surfaces of a plastic produce bag. Felt fine.)” 3. “Use TWO condoms: one might break or be defective. The woman should produce at least one of the condoms and put it on the man: it is SHE who can get pregnant.” 3. “We re-use condoms: wash well, dry, then coat with corn starch to prevent condom from sticking to self.” –Craven Rock (Lisa Anne, PO Box 181, Alsea, OR 97324-0181)

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