Jul 09, 2007

This is the record that proves that the Dwarves are truly a renaissance band. While best known as the porno/horror show that kicks you in the nuts and bolts out the door in less than twenty minutes, people often forget the genius and talent involved. On this latest offering, Blag and company give us plenty of the punk rock adrenaline speedball that we have all come to expect, but there’s something else. We wind up with some surf, industrial, sugar pop and even some hip-hop(?!), all played well (although the jury is still out on Blag’s rapping). While …Must Die is kind of disjointed, every song stands on its own. They prove that they’re more than a one trick pony. They’re a band that has depth and diversity. Did I mention the Space Ghost cameo and the crucified midget?

 –ty (Sympathy For The Record Industry)

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