DWARVES: How to Make Friends and Influence People: CD

Jan 29, 2009

It’s the raucously demented Dwarves, so you can assuredly expect some of the most psychotic, decadent, and perverse rock’n’roll noise ever put to tape! This is a killer-crazed collection of re-recorded Dwarves classics (includin’ “Let’s Fuck,” “Anybody Out There?” [my personal all-time fave!], “Saturday Night," “Detention Girl," “Dairy Queen," and several others) and a furiously smokin’ smattering of new material, as well. In my humbly inebriated opinion, it all frenetically sounds like the Ramones maniacally payin’ homage to the Dwarves while jubilantly doin’ the cretin hop in the basement of a lunatic asylum. Hell yeh, it’s that damn spastic, upbeat, and savagely intense! Rock’n’roll just doesn’t get any more violent, destructive, and criminally insane than this.

 –guest (Reptilian)

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