Dwarves: FEFU, The DVD: DVD

Feb 26, 2007

Despite the fact that it stars the Suicide Girls, I decided to pick this up from the review stack because it claimed to have “Over an hour of rare unreleased Dwarves performances 1985-2006.” There may be some hidden live footage on this DVD, but I seriously doubt it. What you get in terms of live footage is less than twenty minutes of Dwarves footage and less than five minutes of Blag doing his solo stuff. I don’t know if they’re counting the “FEFU” video and its “making of” footage as “rare unreleased Dwarves performances,” but you just don’t really get what I was expecting to get. All that’s really on this DVD is a music video, and I’m pretty sure they’re just giving those away on the internet. –Daryl (Greedy, PO Box 170481 SF, CA 94117)