DUTCH MASTERS: All of the Wires: LP

Sep 24, 2014

You might remember the Dutch Masters from their 2004 Goner Records-released “Radio Active” single, and if you don’t, then you’re doing it wrong because that record was fucking killer. Comprised of four dudes who have been in some of the best garage punk rock’n’roll bands around in the last twenty years (Oblivians, The New Memphis Legs, Bad Times, The Royal Pendletons, The Cool Jerks), this record takes the three songs from that single, nine additional songs recorded at the same session, and two live tracks to comprise a full album’s worth of skuzzy yet really fucking catchy garage rock’n’roll. The songs are remarkably hooky while retaining a raw and sloppy quality—the perfect combination in my book. This is totally right up my alley and absolutely recommended for fans of sloppy, unpretentious garage rock. 

 –Mark Twistworthy (Spacecase)

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