DUSTHEADS: Tall Tales I & Tall Tales II: 7"

Jul 23, 2007

I’ve been going back to the punk music of 1989 as part of a project. ‘89 was definitely a quiet reconstruction year: grunge (or proto-grunge) was emerging neck and neck with Amphetamine Reptile, and (to no fault of AmRep) the cloning machines that poop out bands after a wave of popularity weren’t quite running. (Don’t blame the founders. Blame the clones. Mudhoney’s first record’s great stuff.) It was a diverse time and, looking back, the music landscape was wide open; partially, because it was a time to pick up long-neglected pieces, partially a time to discover a new “new music.” Dustheads, I salute you. They’re commingling that abrasive, breathless shouting of Big Black, that reckless rock abandon of early Zeke, a smidge of Laughing Hyenas, and a heavy dollop of “my pants are on fire today,” unafraid to put their own spin on the whole mess. Here are two 7”s that are thematically tight and well worth listening to all the way through, even when they spool out and get all Sabbathy.

 –todd (Don Giovanni)