DURBAN POISON: Friday Night: VHS Single

Jul 19, 2014

Look here, Durban Poison: you have picked the single most impractical format for getting your music recognized, as most people in this day and age have long since chucked their VHS players into the garbage where they belong. However, lucky for you I still have mine and it wasn’t unreasonably hard to set up. That being said, the title track “Friday Night” is a rocking little sleaze punk number dripping with the same kind of in-your-face attitude of the Neighborhood Brats, although it is a pity that the music is simply playing over a still photograph of the band because the rest of their video is a collection of live performances, vintage TV commercials, movies, and offstage antics edited amazingly well for a VHS tape. A female-led Humpers following suit nicely in rock-ability and recklessness. Enough of this retro format silliness and let’s stick to the punkest of all formats: vinyl! 

 –Juan Espinosa (Shake!)

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