DUNCAN REDMONDS: Bubble and Squeak: CD

Jul 03, 2009

Based on the title, the subheading “Collaborations 2004-2008,” and the drawing on the cover, I winced while I put this on, totally expecting it to be some sorta arty, barely competent stuff involving an acoustic guitar. When what sounded like a lost Leatherface track started blasting from the speakers, I dove for the cover and, indeed, it is Mr. Stubbs on vocals on a track called “Allotment No. 44” by a band called The Pissmops. Intrigued, I looked Duncan Redmonds up online and found out he’s a Snuff/Guns ’n’ Wankers/Toy Dolls member who decided to record some tunes with different folks he ran into while touring—in this case members of NoMeansNo, Leatherface, NOFX, Hard Skin, Snuff, Guns’n’Wankers, Billy No Mates—some of which he is a member, as previously mentioned. The resulting tracks are solid bits of different points along the punk rock spectrum, occasionally raw, but never unlistenable. Easily the winner of the “surprise I pulled out of the mystery meat pile” award for this issue. Hell, even the Donovan cover was worth a listen.

 –jimmy (http://www.worldrecords.us.com/)