DUN2DEF / DESTRUCTORS, THE: Ten Years / Wohlgefuhl: Split: CD

Nov 17, 2011

Here we have a split CD from a couple of British punk rock bands. First up are Dun2Def. Get beyond the band name and you’ve got some pretty kickass, hard-driving punk rock with plenty of political and social commentaries. Very good. The cover of Squad 21’s “Antisocial” is icing on the cake. The Destructors are up next. Pretty similar in content, but these guys are a little more rough around the edges. Holy crap, was that really a song about Reagan, Stalin, and Thatcher? I realize that these guys have been around in various forms since 1977, but I still had to check the recording date. 2011! Don’t worry. They get up to Obama a few songs later. It’s all pretty decent, but the Anti-Flag cover (“My Little Go-Go Dancer”) seems a bit out of place.

 –ty (myspace.com/dun2def, destructors666.com)