DUMBSTRUCK: It’s Still Broke. The First Two Records: CD

May 28, 2014

No fucking brainer. Timely reissue of one of the 2000’s most underrated and overlooked bands. Post Ricord, pre-Violent Arrest hardcore ripping. While every old cunt from back in the day is reforming, Ripcord moved on, changed names, and still delivered. Sometimes we forget there are really talented people buried in the mire of punk and hardcore. Steve “Baz” Ballam’s resume speaks for itself, Ripcord, Heresy, Dumbstruck and now Violent Arrest. He is the master of channeling the sounds of Boston and Sweden into a melting pot that has since been rehashed through bands like Boston Strangler and No Tolerance. This is the backbone of Ripcord with a crusty singer. SSD and Siege filtered through the Varukers. The 7” is unstoppable and worth the price of entry alone. Again, thanks Boss Tuneage for delivering. 

 –Tim Brooks (Boss Tuneage)