I love shit like this. Big-hearted, earnest, thoughtful punk along the lines of New Junk City, Defiance, Ohio, and fellow Oregonians Hi Ho Silver, Away. Ragged melodies, male/female vocals, and smart lyrics that stand firmly within the realm of the personal without being mercilessly obtuse. While the half dozen songs here aren’t quite as jaw-dropping as stuff from the previously mentioned folks, it’s still rad, and they’re still, I believe, a youngish band. Tides suffers just a bit from Bad Religion Syndrome (many of the songs sounding pretty similar), so I’d love to hear some more discrepancies the next time around. And, yeah, I’m wholly convinced that their next outing is gonna be pretty stellar, because like I said, this is still really good, and deserving of repeated listens. Check it out. 

 –keith (Dumb Luck)