DULAC: The First of the Last Chords: LP

May 20, 2014

This one’s the stunner. Apparently the Frankfurt, Germany’s scene is ready to grab up the U.S. and box us on the ears, yet you would never guess it from the band name or album art. It looks like a more modern Sub Pop release a shopper might pick up, thinking of Metz or Pissed Jeans. Instead Dulac comes from all over the post-punk map, first with a mid-era No Idea / Lemuria sound and ending the A-side with a Naked Raygun-inspired “Golem.” Side-B is no less blistering, beginning with later Damned keyboard flourishes on “Take It” and then slamming home four more tracks that can’t help but be held in the same regard as the genius of The Observers. The First of the Last Chords has gotten better with every subsequent listen. Recommended…highly. 

 –Matt Seward (Twintoe, twintoe.blogspot.com / Taken by Surprise, takenbysurprise.net / Crapoulet, crapoulet.fr)