DUEL, THE: Let’s Finish What We Started: CD

Nov 21, 2006

Band from London that would easily get lumped into a label as a ‘77 punk band. A lot of those characteristics are there, but so much more is put on the plate. They have the rock elements like many bands from that era, but they also infuse some new wave and death rock into the mix: like Siouxsie and the Banshees with the Bauhaus meets Gary Numan at a Vice Squad gig. They go beyond the punk rock standard of guitars and drums and add keyboards. What caught my attention right off the bat is the great vocal stylings of lead singer, Tara. She has a great voice that compleiments well with the music being played. With a different engineer or producer and a better equipped studio, I think they can better capture her true vocal capabilities and really improve upon what they have been building. Live recordings are not my cup of tea, but their cover of the Ramones’ “Pet Cemetery” that is on this disc shows that even in a raw situation they can sound good. If they had recorded it in the studio, I think it would have been fantastic. I’ll be interested to hear what this band accomplishes on their next release.

 –don (Ffruk)