DUEL: Childish Behavior: 2 x CD

Nov 24, 2009

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and gotten a serving of food that was ridiculously huge? At first you thought it was great. You were clearly getting your money’s worth of chana masala or whatever. You took a bite and smiled. Good food and a lot of it. Then a funny thing happened. As you shoveled in one bite after the next, your mouth stopped caring. The Duel’s Childish Behavior is not food. It’s music. However, there’s a lot of it. The first song, “Solitary Confinement,” is great: straightforward U.K. punk’n’roll. Leather jackets, cool sunglasses, and miniskirts. As I pushed through these two discs though, my ears stopped caring. One song started to blend into the next. Like you would do with food, I stuffed this CD into the fridge so I could enjoy the leftovers later. Unfortunately, I forgot about it and ate some cereal instead.

 –mp (FFruk, ffruk.com)