DUDOOS, THE: Specium Sommer: CD

Jun 23, 2009

Am I looking at the back of the CD right? My contacts are old and dry but I can still see through them. It’s say’s Sound Pollution as the label on it. I was expecting a full blast beat hardcore punk attack. The home to Hellnation and other fast as shit, bugs hitting the windshield kind of punk. Thirty songs in twenty minutes kind of shit. Here Ken throws a fucking curve ball at everyone. He finds the least likely band from Japan to put out on his label. I was surprised to hear a band that sound like the Dickies, Hi-Standard, Toy Dolls, Wizo and the Queers all thrown together as one. Not so angry that your balls are sweaty kind of music, but tongue and cheek, fun and have a dance with your girl kind of music. Bubblegum pop punk that incorporates bad English mixed with Japanese that makes it hard not to crack a smile. I love all the stupid instruments that are added to make things even more cheesy. I can’t get enough of this stuff. You can really feel that this band is having fun and people are going to get the message. They call their music Poko Poko Punk Punkos. Inventive in their description and spot on in the results. I need to drink large amounts of alcohol and pogo as high as I can to put head impressions in my ceiling.

 –don (Sound Pollution)

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