Horror Squad: It’s not an uncommon punk dilemma. A lot of your idols have turned into clowns. And if not clowns, super fucking questionable, mumbling shadows of their former selves. There’s no doubt that Horror Squad has had a longtime love affair with Rancid and I’m glad to hear that they’ve taken a couple of steps back from that mirror and started to listen to themselves as a band. The great news is that they’re developing their own identity, their own sound—and they aren’t a new band. That takes some nuts. Anthemic, breathless, and punk-as-life, not punk-as-uniform style punk that’s worth a new listen. Dudes Night: This one’s easy. They like NOFX, Hot Water Music, beer, not showering, and not singing in any sort of key; parts are interchangeable like a partying Voltron (missing a part or two), depending on the situation…”No, dude, that’s your puke.”

 –todd (On The Real, ontherealrecords.com)