DUDES MAGAZINE #5: 8½ x 11, $5, 100 pgs.

Aug 06, 2007

Now, I know that reading isn’t as high up on the list of Dudes Priorities as, say, pounding Heavies, getting mad lifted, or scoping whirleybirds, but hear me out on this one. For about the same price as a Big Bell Value Meal at the Tock, you could get a hundred pages of the finest in Dudes Literature, PLUS a CD full of soon-to-be-classic bad jams! Not to put too fine a point on it, but only a heinous douchebag would pass this up. If you don’t stay up to date on your Dudes News, how will you know whose new nickname is Sergeant Soda? How will you know whether or not there’s some bunk potatoes in the stew? How will you know what Big Time says to Dudes when he senses that they are rushin’ things a bit? Not reading Dudes Magazine is like buying yourself a one-way ticket to Bunk City. –Josh (Dudes Mag, 714 Zeiss Ave., Lemay, MO 63125)