DUDES MAGAZINE #18: $5, 8 ½ x 11”, offset, 74 pgs.

Jan 23, 2012

Hey, did you ever wish there was a magazine that catered to people whose motto is “Shirts are for work”? Or maybe you just want to see pictures of friends tea-bagging each other. Well, look no further, my half-drunk friend. This issue’s draw is a well done interview with the heavily underrated Sloppy Seconds as well as a chat with Ian Graham of Cheap Girls. Much like every other issue of this mag that I’ve come across, most of the articles are written by our pal Nighthawk with the rest contributed by his “staff.” For the most part, there are several great reads in here, including Doug Sea’s hilarious story about drinking his own piss, Nighthawk’s ongoing adventures with “Tree Man” from previous issues, Dr. E.W.’s explanation about how in China “fucking awesome” somehow translates to “cow pussy,” and Rev. Nørb’s simple idea for killing time at an office job: type in the name of a random girl in a Google search and see which name yields the “filthiest” results (Nørb, “Sasha,” you’re welcome.) However, what’s not “bitch” this issue is J-Man’s story about his trek to Memphis in which he pretty much says that he’s afraid of black people: “We would look around and maybe see four other white people on the street. When you go to a window to buy beer and look inside the clubs, you don’t see any black people. If I was in St. Louis and found myself in this situation, I would be on my merry way before the gunfire and robberies started.” So only black people own guns, eh? That’s classy, J-Man. Just for that, you’re on notice Dudes Magazine! –Juan Espinosa (3872-A Connecticut St., St. Louis, MO 63116)


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