DUDE JAMS: How to Become a Famous Recording Artist: LP

As much as i initially tried to make quick work of this record by dismissing it as trivial stoner fluff—the cover drawing is a monkey-headed, bong-holding, underwear-clad dude with bat wings standing under a rainbow and atop a gigantic cassette—I kept finding Shit of Value here and there, and getting frustratingly sucked back into it. I wanna say they sound a little likeWiggle-era Screeching Weasel without sounding one bit like The Ramones, but that might alienate any potential constituency they might hope to accrue, and is probably more by accident by design, anyway. So then I start thinking, okay, they kind of sound like a ‘90s pop punk band, back when ‘90s pop punk bands actually had something to them other than slavish devotion to formula, I got ‘em figured out…and then, out of left field, they chuck a brass section on the end of “Brainless,” and it’s fucking brilliant, so I’m thinking that if my listening experience is a chess game, they just yelled “checkmate” while I was counting my money while I was sitting at the table, even though there was time enough for counting when the dealing’s done. THIS ALBUM WILL CASTLE YOU ON THE QUEEN’S SIDE! It will also smoke your van’s quarterpanels. BEST SONG: “Brainless.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Sleep Is the Enemy.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: In lieu of liner notes, the record features an essay called “How to Become a Famous Recording Artist…For Dummies,” which is probably easily as funny as that book by the Phantom Surfers, Rock Stardom for Dumbshits

 –norb (ADD)