DUCKY BOYS, THE: The War Back Home: CD

It seemed that back in the late ‘90s when Dropkick Murphy’s and American streetpunk/oi (or whatever you care to call it) was hitting it’s stride, the Ducky Boys were everywhere. They were never stand out amazing, but never a let down. Many years have gone by and I haven’t heard a thing about these guys—until now that is. The War At Home kind of took me by surprise. I was expecting the old Ducky Boys. I guess the trace elements of some boot and braces action is there but it’s overshadowed by big production and harmonies. I don’t mean for that to sound like a bad thing because this is a damn fine record. If anything they’ve finally defined themselves from the pack. I kind of liken this to how the Swingin’ Utters changed up their sound only without the Celtic influence. Lot’s of lyrics about the sad state the world is in these days. My only complaint is that the vocalist tries to over sing a few notes and it comes off kind of cock-rocky at times. Well done other than that though.

 –ty (Sailor’s Grave)