DUBOIS: Hanging Out: 7”

Sep 19, 2013

There’s a ridiculous amount of Gainesville-worship going on with this records. These guys have a lot of spirit but lack musical ideas. Also, lyrics like, “everyone is searching for something/I’ll take mine/I’ll find the sunshine,” really need to be reeled in a bit, not just for Dubois, but in punk in general. Yeah, the struggle, I get it. But worse things have been said by better writers. Sometimes I think bands like Hot Water Music have caused irreparable damage to punk by putting far too emphasis on one’s own struggle and strengths. You’re doing what you want and you’re broke, I get that, too, but it’s starting to reek of self-obsessed individualism (or maybe it always has and I was just too young to notice it).

 –Craven Rock (Self-released, no address listed)