Jan 02, 2002

It's Duane Peters (the snaggle-toothed chaotically careening skateboard savant and well-learned belligerently outspoken vocalist of the U.S. Bombs) venomously espousin' his articulate political rantings with a new ragtag gang of musical miscreants. I expected nothin' less than a full-frontal assault of powerfully raging punkrock fury, and, of course, Mr. Peters and his Hunns heartily deliver and then some! If The Clash, Sex Pistols, and especially the Circle Jerks had survived the redundant topsy-turvy monotony of the past 20 years, this is the sort of insurrective life-enriching sonic disorder that they'd uncontrollably be hammering into our eardrums today. I've often thought dandy Duane perfectly captures the chaos-charged sarcasm-laced vocal pronunciations of both Johnny Rotten and Keith Morris to a motherfuckin' tee (snotty, defiant, and confrontationally caustic!) - and here he's as unrelenting as usual! Yep, that is reason enough alone to drop everything right now and invest a few of your hard-earned dollars into this seditiously sizzlin' platter of audial anarchy. 'Cause I'm tellin' ya, if you don't own "Tickets to Heaven" already, ya should be slapped silly upside the head with a razor-sharp strip of barbed wire. Amen, damnit!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Disaster, PO Box 7112, Burbank, CA 91510; http://www.alive-totalenergy.com/Disaster.html)