Jan 19, 2010

Quick on the rebound from the seemingly just released "Unity" LP, it can be said that the ink‑filled, tooth‑deprived, Beer City pro skater main man with two bands, Duane Peters, can put together two great albums quicker than it takes a normal band to put out a shitty one. What's alarming is how essentially flawless the spirit of mid‑tempo '77 punk spins into the '00s without it smelling like rotting meat or another tired dance around a grave. Broken hearts, broken bottles, broken dreams, broken streets, broken unions, and broken lives are the song themes, all told with conviction, all told in pirating, street riot vein of poetry. Maybe because I stood on his side of the stage when I recently saw them live, and his monitor was under my arm, but Mark "Anarchy" Lee (ex‑Humpers, ex‑Crowd) is probably one of the most underrated rhythm guitarists playing punk these days, providing a huge amount of swagger, hum, and melody that would probably just sound like a rehash of popular favorites in lesser hands into huge, dense, vital songs. Again, it sounds almost too good for how quickly it was put together. What follows is me bitching about language details. Just remember it's a fucking good album. On the cover, there seems to be a little confusion in the Duane Peters and the Hunns camp with the name. Is it "Hunns" as the big red rectangle on the top left corner the CD label suggests or is it "Duane Peters and the Hunns" as the spine and little insert insist? And when we're at it, "Hunns" (assuming we're talking about the nomadic, Asian people who decimated large parts of Central and Eastern Europe in the 5th century under Attilla, is misspelled. Yet, it's spelled correctly in the "Hymn of Attilla." I understand this is merely a quibble and it also nicely fits The Hunns into the grand tradition of misspelled punk names like The Cheifs, The Descendents, and Agression.) One last thing and I'll shut up. My eyes cross when I try to read the lyric booklet. Maybe that's just the lord's way of telling me to go get the vinyl and get it full sized.

 –todd (Disaster)