DT’S, THE: Live: mini-CDEP

Oct 16, 2008

I’m a sucker for any band that Dave Crider is in. The Mono Men were amazing and I’m still bummed that they broke up. That Watts album (which featured Crider and Aaron Roeder from the Mono Men) never got the credit it deserves, and now Crider is back with this five-song DT’s EP. His tight and fuzzy garage-rockin’ guitar is immediately recognizable, and the first song on this EP sounds like it could’ve been a lost Mono Men track. Then, on “Eyes to the Sun,” DT’s vocalist Diana Young-Blanchard steps in and throws the band in a whole new direction. She’s got a voice like whiskey and cigarettes and Aretha Franklin blurred into one, and her voice gives the album a blues-y punk quality that I’ve only heard before in the BellRays. This EP comes and goes way too quickly, and the CD itself is only about three and a half inches in diameter, which makes it an easy one to lose. Other than that, I have no complaints about the DT’s. In a perfect world, I could see them live at Tom’s Strip and Bowl.

 –sean (Estrus)