DT’S, THE: Hard Soul Hits! Vol. 1: CD

Feb 15, 2007

I just reviewed a band called the Paybacks, and it’s amazing that I have almost the same comments for the DT’s. The showcase here is Diana Young-Blanchard’s vocals. Even more so than Wendy Case, Diana sounds (almost pitch-perfect) like Janice Joplin (who they cover). The good news is that The DT’s sound unaffected; they don’t sound like they’re straining to be anything that they’re not: a firm, sure-playing rock band. This is underscored by the fact that most—if not all—of the songs are covers from a wide range rock’s greats (AC/DC, Roky Erikson, Booker T and the MGs). The playing’s immaculate. But here’s where I get 50/50. Unlike the Dirtbombs and The Detroit Cobras, who both do plenty of covers, I don’t think I hear enough of the DT’s poking their instruments through the thick veils of influence. Also, I loved, loved, loved the Monomen, and although I know it’s unfair to Dave Crider (Estrus Records honcho and member of the Monomen), to expect him to put his musical life on repeat for a single fan, I’m wishing for a little bit more dynamite in the monitors for me to start raving about the DT’s.

 –todd (Get Hip)

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