DT’S, THE: Filthy Habits: CD

May 10, 2007

The DT’s play bluesy Rawk music with a capital “R” similar to the Demolition Doll Rods, but Filthy Habits is produced with less of the dive bar, beer-soaked, over-sexed vibe found on There Is a Difference. Diana Young-Blanchard has one helluva set of pipes and belts out the songs with raunchy abandon that seems to channel Janis Joplin much of the time. Estrus Records honcho, Dave Crider, is on guitar and does a fine job. I’m guessing that the DT’s are a blast to see live, but this record falls flat to my ears. The recording is a little too clean for my taste, which snips away a good chunk of the album’s balls. And we all know that rock’n’roll is best when the nutsack is left completely intact.

 –benke (Get Hip)

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