DÉSIR DECIR: Even the Earnest Learn: CDEP

Mar 29, 2016

This EP is six songs and seventeen minutes of folk-inspired punk rock. I hear a foundation of Bruce Springsteen but there’s also the energy of the Ramones and the Clash. It’s certainly more pop-influenced than punk-influenced, though. Vocally, there’s a semblance to the band’s New Jersey peers Gaslight Anthem, but with less harmonies and not quite as much of a mainstream sound (which is fine by me). Based on the bands I just listed, I would’ve figured I’d be into this more than I am, but after a dozen listens it’s not done a lot for me. Nothing really comes out and makes me want to return to it. There aren’t any songs stuck in my head, either good or bad, which keeps me from formulating an opinion on it. And as a music reviewer, that’s not a good thing. 

 –Kurt Morris (Désir Decir)