May 04, 2010

A Japanese / Danish split of excellent melodic, crusty hardcore. DSB: Tokyo’s self-described “radical punx” who have a poster proclaiming “Radical Jawbreaker” deliver galloping drums, bubbling bass lines, and stratospheric vocals. The dude sounds like a vulture with a rasp and the lady sounds almost operatic in a sinister-but-sweet way. Copenhagen’s The Assassinators fit well into the recent tradition of sweeping, compassionate melodic crust in the vein and on par with Signal Lost and Harum Scarum. This isn’t a slight—they sound like Banarama and their fastest and toughest, mixed with Tragedy’s lion roar and power. There’s a good chance that both bands are breaking up in 2010, and, ironically, this is a great introduction to both of them if you’ve never given ‘em a listen.

 –todd (Alerta Antifascista, no-pasaran.org, Halo Of Flies, halooffliesrecords.com)