DS-13: No One Will Thank You When You Are Dead – A Collection of Old, Rare, Unreleased,: CD

Up there in importance in recent years along with Crudos’ Discography and Charles Bronson’s Complete Discography, this is a handy way to pick up the bits and pieces not on their full lengths (get Killed by the Kids, if you feel like getting that fuzzy feeling of being staple gunned to a wall), some live tracks, and four previously unreleased ones. Demon System 13? Who’s that? One of the banner holders for DIY international hardcore, living proof that American Hardcore: A Tribal History‘s author, Steven Blush is a fucking idiot asshole for claiming any and all hardcore dead and irrelevant ten years ago. DS-13, as well Crudos and Bronson, were in the spearhead to a nuclear arsenal of bands that continued, raised, and kept relevant the state of hardcore, long after Black Flag, The Circle Jerks, and Minor Threat (three great bands) gave up the ghost. No-bullshit, no stupid metal-disguised-as-punk-because-we’re-bald Victory-conspired cruddup. Just pure, fast, hard, intelligent Swedes, who never lost their sense of humor (as evidenced by song titles “Upperclass Vegans Vs. Non-PC Bums” and “The Return of Hardcore Jesus”) while pounding away at forty songs. A great introduction to a band that, unfortunately, called it quits.

 –todd (Deranged)