DRUNKS, THE: Death Dealer: LP

Mar 27, 2012

Are The Drunks a rock’n’roll band with their roots firmly planted in metal, or are they a metal band with rock’n’roll tendencies? I’m not really sure, but I do know for sure that these guys use just about every rock’n’roll cliché in the book to get their hard rockin’ point across, including exaggerated song intros, a completely ridiculous drum solo that should have probably been saved for the live show, and one of the longest, drawn-out false endings I’ve ever heard committed to vinyl. Some bands might do these things tongue-in-cheek, but The Drunks are deathly serious in their dedication to rock. It’s definitely not my thing, despite being done competently. This eight-song LP includes covers by metal innovators Kreator and Bathory, proving that these guys definitely wear their influences on their sleeves.

 –Mark Twistworthy (Cutthroat)

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