DRUNKEN MASTER #13: 7” x 10”, offset, $5, 52 pgs.

Nov 24, 2014

Most of this zine is made up of reprints of “Won Ton Not Now,” a comic by Kiyoshi Nakazawa which has run in Razorcake for years. (In spite of the artist’s inability to spell the fanzine in the introduction—apologies via post-it notes accepted. I understand it isn’t in spell check like “cake”... or “razor.”) It’s nice to see them in here all at once. I had no problem reading them over again and even picked up on little details I missed the first time, for instance, how the skullfaced man cropdusting the party is also flashing a peace sign as he leaves the room in his stinky haze. It’s all here, the irritable advice on bar and social etiquette, (questionable) advice on courting and romance (like using your bare ass to compete with the annoying bad boy punk who gets all the babes [it also involves his face, a bit of cleverness and manipulation of bro insecurity]), a piece on why you shouldn’t serve a shark soup, and a personal childhood story/hypothesis on “how flashers and creeps get their start.” (Kiyoshi implies he was able to resist.)Drunken Master also reprints both sides of the illustrated feud with “rival” comic artist Ben Snakepit. Reading a bunch of Won Ton Not Now together brings seemingly random bits of well-drawn weirdness into a whole... that of Kiyoshi’s warped mind. Yep, this dude seems a little unhinged. On that note, get this and we’ll both stay on his good side? –Craven Rock (luckynakazawa.etsy.com)