DRUNKEN BOAT: Made in Oregon: CD

I have yet to see these kids, so I’m trying to be content with the releases, and this one definitely helps. To my knowledge, this is their first full-length. I hear elements of Bent Outta Shape and Snuggle, but they mostly remind me of the first time I saw Rcade Inferno when they had just started touring as a two-piece in San Diego. Completely stripped down to just two guitars (though Drunken Boat has a full lineup), it was two guys in the middle of the living room, half standing, half dancing, and singing like it was like their last chance to ever sing again. It’s that passion that really sells me on bands like Drunken Boat. They make me want to care—not necessarily about any sort of cause or anything…hell, it could just be caring about having the best fucking time right then and there, but I’m truly caring about it at that moment. And for getting this crotchety, apathetic fuck to care, they’ve got to be good.

 –denise (1-2-3-4 Go)