Drunken Boat: Blurry-eyed. Ragged-voiced. Dirty-charming. Alcohol-soaked glimmers of hope seen floating above tatters of wreckage. Catchy, frayed-end DIY punk in line with Bent Outta Shape and Ringers. “Shoot and Miss” is a song about the death of a close friend and musician and these two songs are some of the strongest material I’ve heard from Drunken Boat. Dan Padilla: Here’s a bear trap. Members of this band have, undeniably, inspired the launching of boatloads of gruff-voiced, sparkling guitar “win by losing” bands, where their charm lies in not taking themselves too seriously but giving everything to the music they play. Here’s how they avoid stepping in the bear trap they set: It’s not a band standing around going “what should we sound like?” But “I need to get this out or I’m gonna go crazy,” and it happens to take this bear trap shape, waiting for you to come poking around the forest unawares to snap its jaws around your foot, to chomp on down, and not let you go without a hell of a fight.

 –todd (Must Yearn, [email protected] / Fast Crowd, fastcrowdrecords.com)