Am I in a fucking time machine? How come I’m back in the nightmare that was the ‘90s again? For all you lucky pups who cut their teeth on Y2K thrash or the smorgasbord of fantastic tuneage we have at our fingertips now, the ‘90s were a lean time at best. I was lucky enough to catch the ‘80s but really came of age in the dreary ‘90s. This record takes me back to that age like a fuckin Delorean. This sounds like the bastard son of Quincy Punx or Submachine or any number of bands who sat right smack dead center of the genre “punk.” Songwriting is simple at best, gruff vocals, slightly metallic riffs that all sound the same, and songs about drinking and all that shit by someone who spends most of his day in a glue bag. I would have thought this was okay twenty years ago I’m sure… but there wasn’t a whole helluva lot to beat it. These days with a huge and varied international punk rock menu, this is the last thing I’d dig out. Props for the repurposed Eagles LP cover (they wrote the band name straight onto an Eagles LP cover). No offence bros, but this blows. –Tim Brooks

 –guest (No Profit, [email protected])