DRUNK DRIVERS: It’s Always Weekend: CD

The black, white, and red spray can and stencil style artwork of Drunk Driver’s grammatically questionable It’s Always Weekend did not prepare me for the Midwestern quartet’s sonic approach. Far from snarky, rebellious youths, these twenty-year veterans may indulge in puerile “fuck you, dad” aesthetics, but deliver something more akin to ‘90s radio alt rock than ‘90s streetpunk. The drawl-then-growl vocals, mid-range tempos, and guitar tones occasionally feel dated, but the musicianship and songwriting are solid, and it’s evident that everyone is having fun. Pleasant surprises sporadically disrupt the vibe, with catchy moog creeping into “A M Gold” and “Girls Gone Wild,” the former offering a rousing round of “woo-oo-oo”s, and the latter featuring one excellent Diamond Dave ad lib. 

 –Kelley O’Death (Crustacean)