DRUID PERFUME: Don’t Eat ‘Em They’re Poison: 7”

Follow-up to their full-length LP, which I haven’t heard. But this is pretty fun. Mucky muck weird punk rock, from the school of “If we can’t win them over, we can pound them into submission.” It’s not calculus rock, but it does feel like some thinkin’ is going on with weird vibes, drones, plodding along with weird timing and a constant fuzz mess. AND complete with saxophone! Singer sings strained screams—reminds me of the ‘90s vibe when garage rock started crossing over with noise jazz, drifting into four and five minute-odd songs. Label says the band has two members of the Piranhas. Ahhhhh, now it’s making sense.

 –mike (X!, x-recs.com)