DRUG PROBLEM: Self-titled: LP

This is a proper vinyl issue of a tape this New Zealand band released in 2009. When it was given to me, I was told it was “like a more extreme Dystopia,” and while they are missing key components of the comparison (the guitar tone, etc.), the feel of the music reminds me a lot of the first time I heard Dystopia. The bulk of the record is a lurching, lumbering mess; slow but moving ahead with an energy that makes it feel like it might just fall over on top of itself. The fast parts are interspersed at irregular intervals, and don’t do much to relieve the tension. Listening to this album actually hurts, it makes me feel claustrophobic. This is the soundtrack to waking up every day and having to work a job you hate because you have to survive, and wondering if the tradeoff is even worth it. This band broke up in 2010, so I feel like this record is probably flying below the radar in the U.S., but if sludge or powerviolence is your thing, this record is more than worth the effort of tracking down.

 –Ian Wise (Diseased Audio, diseasedaudio.blogspot.com)