DRUG DOGS #2: $2, 8 ½” x 11”, copied, 36 pgs.

Mar 04, 2011

There’s a lot of heart in this hardcore zine, beginning with a story of breaking out into uncontrollable, embarrassing air guitar on stage during a Suicide File show. The Lion Of Judah interview that follows is a bit disappointing, but it’s not clear whether that’s the interviewer’s fault or the interviewee’s. The author definitely falls into this “So did _____ ever talk about recording with super famous bands ______?” fandom territory, but LOJ doesn’t really give much insight to go on. The Spoiler interview is much better, but where this zine really shines is the record reviews. As soon as the author starts discussing music, the writing becomes succinct, cogent, and funny. Also, right in the middle, are two pages of the author’s artwork that are totally surprising, given that the layout is choppy and relies on replication of the same image over and over. I’d love to see more of that artwork throughout the zine. Because, despite the author’s lament that zines have become “bathroom entertainment to the internet kids who already know everything,” that’s essentially what’s been put forth here. If the best elements could be teased out, it could be a lot sharper and a lot more engaging. –Katie Dunne (Dylan, 274 North 500 East #4, Provo, UT, 84606, [email protected])