DRUG CULTURE: Self-titled: EP

Hardcore that draws from the past couple decades as well as building on the present. The sound is tense and often speedy. They don’t really go into the thrashy side of things, but do hit some speeds to underscore their urgency. The time changes and constant simmer keep things interesting. My favorite song of the five is the opener, “Prescribe,” with the lyrics and presence of the bass that snakes around sinisterly in the mix. That’s not to say the rest of the songs are not good. Quite the contrary. All the songs on here rip. It’s like they build in intensity with each track. “Slaveships” is a burner, and then along comes “To Cope,” which ratchets the power up about ten more notches. “McKinley” backs off a little bit, but the fire is constant and the change of pace with something just ever-so-slightly slower with a few time changes only adds to the overall punch and crunch of this one-sided affair. Is there more to come? It’s a question I ask myself as this record ends.

 –M.Avrg (Mind Melt Ent, mindmeltent.com)