DROWNINGMAN: Learn to Let It Go: CD

Jul 09, 2007

Okay, here is an open call to all of you to have an open debate. The topic is emo and why I should like it. All of you that are fans, please show me your wisdom and ignite the candle of interest in me. Second topic is why this band does not have emo tendencies. I hear it in the music. Tell me why I shouldn’t think this as an emo sub-genre. To pick one side, I hear an H2O meets Bouncing Souls thing going. But on the other side of the debate there is that tuneless drone that I hear in emo releases that is unmistakable to these ears. Also, the pictures of tulips on the cover does not strike me as a punk rock subject to use in photography. So here it is. I am calling all you fools out to try and sway. Look in the magazine or website and find my contact information. Write me and tell me your position. I will respond.

 –don (Law of Inertia)