DROWNING WITH OUR ANCHORS: Breathing Lessons: 7”

Nov 16, 2008

Due to his encyclopedic knowledge and cyborg-like retrieval capacity regarding all things emo, I decided to consult David the Brit on this one. He said that the high/low vocal arrangements were very similar to Yaphet Kotto (with one of the vocalists apparently being a dead ringer for one of the dudes from Under A Dying Sun) while the record as a whole was very colored with a Funeral Diner flavor. Me, I just thought it was a decent, if a bit long-winded, seven inch—the quiet guitar buildups were nice, but by the time they got to the vocal duelings and instrumental gunfights I’d felt like I’d swam in this particular pool plenty of times before. Features members of Bullets In and Burial Year.

 –keith (Commodity Fetish)