DROPKICK MURPHYS: The Warrior's Code: CD

Jun 21, 2007

The theme of a lot of these songs seems to be if we stand together, we can’t fail. Something that seems reassuring with all the instability in today’s climate. “Your Spirit’s Alive” asks all the fans to come along for the ride. “Sunshine Highway” tells the story when times were simpler, and the most important thing was a good cigar and a cold beverage. “Citizen CIA” is straight ahead hardcore that Gang Green would raise their Bud cans to in approval. The best song on here is “Take It and Run.” Al Barr spits out his vocal parts with pure venom: “Space heaters and welfare checks are as good as it gets/in this land of hard lessons.” Then bassist Ken Casey replies, “Yeah I’ve got problems/ can’t you see I’m trying to solve them?” Best hard luck song to come along since X’s “Fourth of July.” Nicely done boys.

 –koepenick (Hellcat)