DROPKICK MURPHYS: The Singles Collection Vol. 2: CD

Aug 19, 2006

The thing that gets me about Dropkick Murphys is that I think that they are a great band, yet find myself annoyed by them much of the time. The band is tight and the songwriting is solid, but I just have a hard time getting by the wishy-washy Irish shtick. I mean, I just can’t handle it when a band is ripping it up only to stop and bust out the tin whistle and mandolin. It just kills the momentum. That said, this record is full of the type of Dropkick tunes that I love to hear. Balls-out, sing-along tunes that compliment multiple pints at the local shithole. Strong rockers with a good dose of covers of the likes of CCR, Gang Green, and Stiff Little Fingers make this record a worthy listen. Be warned that they do delve into the Irishism a bit here. I guess they kind of have to at this point but it’s okay though because it’s far outweighed by the good stuff.

 –ty (Hellcat)